Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey

The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey

Excellent blog centred on ADDA. Insights for me, and should be useful to the rest of us defects. List of recommended ADD-related books, too, which in previous times would have sent me straight to Amazon. Nowadays, armed with my new self-knowledge, I’m aware that my habit – of buying technical books then only glancing at them once – is not the result of unfortunate circumstances, but something I’m stuck with.

He’s actually remarkably disciplined – makes rules for himself and sticks to them. I find this admirable, but impossible to use for myself. If I started something like this, it would just become another project, and like all self-driven projects I’d lose interest in it the moment I’d done the interesting bits. And then I’d forget to use the mechanism when the time came.

I’ll have to keep looking for my own strategies.

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