Sunday, June 18, 2006

UFO over Newbury

I was half-way up the drive when I saw it coming over the field. I'd been down on the road takling summertime pictures of the cows in the field, but it took me a moment to realise I had my camera.

And a few more moments while the damn thing warmed up after being switched on, and by that time it was going behind the trees. So I raced up the drive, and caught it just before it went behind the house.

By the time I'd rounded the corner, all that was left was a vanishing dot, which vanished completely by the time I got the camera up.

One shot! And I was convinced I'd blown it. But I hadn't. It doesn't matter if the foreground is blurred - I tracked the UFO perfectly.

And now no-one will believe me, I suppose.

(Well, of course not! It's just a bit of 3D modelling and Photoshop work. I enjoyed it, though. If anyone ever actually reads this - any comments? Anything I could do to make it more realistic?)

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